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Book Your Grouper Fishing Charter in Panama City FL

The people have enjoyed a great catching of some Grouper species with us in Panama City, Florida. Do you know that? When you sit around your home and watched football, we catch the best fish of the Panama City. So give us a call and book your vacation for the fishing trip today! We catch all fish species of grouper like Black and Red Grouper. The Black Grouper is one of our main target species for fishing. This species found locally on our artificial reefs and hard bottom areas. They provide not only a good fight but also a better yet and a great meal. You can do as table fare the Black Grouper is only one choice among the people. Our captain and the team have half day and full day trips which are best to target these fish, as the water warms to summer temperatures.

The distance that captain run offshore increases; normally will run 25 - 40 miles offshore on these trips in the hot months. Who love winter season for fishing, we also provide them the fishing trip for Panama City Groupe…